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Hoopty’s First Post

For my first post i decided to go with what I’ll be seeing next week the highly anticipated Public Enemies.  In my opinion it’s looking to be the best movie of the year.  I love both Michael Mann director of Heat and Johnny Depp so I know I wont be disappointed!

My Guild

Hey guys it’s Minxx again. And I’m going to talk about my WoW guild and how it’s going to hell.

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story time…


This is actually my third version of my story. The first was a Kingdom Hearts fanfic after watching KH2’s supah secret ending. The second has disappeared mostly due to corruption. Here’s the third version.

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Hello, My name is Adrexil Xewleer. A false name, like everywhere else that bears my mark on the internet. Other aliases are ‘Gregor Mendel! The Father of Modern Genetics’ and ‘Stranger’.

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Swinging in the mood

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First Post

Hey guys.  It’s Inky.

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Eve and a box of chocolates.

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Hey this is minxx

Hi my name is minxx and I am new to blogging do go with me here.  This experiment seems like a good idea and I can to do all I can to contribute to it.

Well this is Ash, I’m going to be using this blog as an experiment and way to share my random musings in my everyday life. See the world though my and my co-author’s eyes!