“There’s a time when everyone has to grow up. When you realize all your dreams and fantasies are nothing but just that.”

New Line Cinema in collaboration with Disney Pictures and Weta Studios proudly present to you a story of wonder,

“It’s kinda ironic isn’t it? Calling yourself a hero, when you want to destroy the world.”

a story of imagination,

“I have a request.. take me somewhere away from here! I don’t have any freedom at all. Please, give me freedom!”

a story of adventure

“I saw many just like me on the battlefields–men dying one after another for the sake of those scraps of paper!”

a story of a lifetime.

“I was thinking you’re amazing, but surprisingly uncool.”

A Hero seeking to destroy the world…..

A Heroine wanting to find freedom…

And the most unlikely Villain trying to save it all.”

Just a little story/movie idea I had.