“You said you were having a bad hair day
Said your eyes were puffy, fell back asleep
Sulking, I silently took off my jacket,
Picked up the phone and ordered take out
Closed the curtain,
and without noticing the hours passing
Watching DVD’s
(Just you and me)
The sound of your breath
as you leaned against my shoulder
I thought that it was a good thing
we didn’t go out

It’s ridiculous that
These thoughts still torment me.
Unexpectedly, I remember jokes you made
And I fall apart.
I’m upset
At the little moments I miss.
I break apart, suddenly remembering
The faces that you used to make.

I can’t let go
I see you no matter where I look
(My crumbling heart)
I can’t hide
Baby for one minute, one second
(Even if time stops, my heart stops)
I can’t let go
I hear your voice no matter where I go
(My broken heart)
I can’t breathe
Baby for one minute, one second
Even for one moment, one minute, one second.”

1 Minute 1 Second – Epik High (Eng. Subbed MV)

For the topic of this post, I thought I would introduce one of my favorite songs. It’s a rather recent single but the lyrics and tune hold a special meaning for me. And should invoke at least a sense of sadness from the listener, even if you don’t understand Korean.

I often listen to the song when I’m feeling down and it makes me reminisce about things.

But the song basically involves a break up that the guy is involved with, and he talks about how everything he does reminds him of times he and his girl spent together.

Ironically enough  the song is from their album “Lovescream” with the sub-title “For lovers and heart-breakers.”

Anyone who comes upon this post, I’d like you to give a listen and think about your thoughts on it.