lucasarts steamOn Monday, July 6, LucasArts announced that they made a deal with Valve Software to host LucasArts classics on Valve’s prestigious Steam game distributing service.

They are bringing 10 titles to Steam starting Wednesday including Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure, LOOM, The Dig, Armed and Dangerous, LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventure, Star Wars Battlefront II, Star Wars Republic Commando, Star Wars Starfighter, and Thrillville: Off the Rails. LucasArts have promised more games to be added at a later date.

In my opinion, I am very glad that this deal was made. It will allow fans of some of LucasArts games to be able to experience some classics all over again. It will also allow new players to experience fun games through Valve’s Steam service. I also hope that more games are announced sooner than later, but for now, I can deal with replaying Star Wars Republic Commando a second time.

More info at Joystiq.