I stayed up the past night to work on a wikipedia for this world I’ve been designing for a few years now. still working out the little quirks here and there but overall I think it’s turning out quite nice, but not nice enoug to reveal yet.

I did wake up to a rather annoying letter today, apparently BayTSP (a copyright protection group) sent me a DMCA letter for something I downloaded on bittorrent a few weeks earlier. I threw the letter out as it was my 5th one, but it really grinds my gears that they do that. Well I’m not scared if my ISP ever decides to cut me off (unlikely) i’ve been meaning to switch to U-Verse whenever the opportunity presented itself anyways.

Remember always use IRC or direct links (like megaupload) to download stuff. Bittorrent isn’t as secure as it use to be.