Hello my name is Michael and I am 17. Im pretty much a low life and just go where the wind blows me, im no one special just your average Joe. I was born September 11th 1991 the ending of Desert Storm. I am a Virgo known as the Virgin, I am a Lover not a Fighter. I’m a pretty deep romantic on the inside, I write poetry, some music, and sing (my skill at singing is your own opinion, my view and most others think great). I am a Music Junkie, I love all kinds except Rap and Country(screamo Rap or Rap remakes are exceptional). I love Skittles and Tacobell but not together and I despise Metallica. I am a Big fan of Lexi Lush(I’ll put a Myspace Link up later) and I love Emo Kids. But the one Person I love more than anything in the world is my daughter Rachel Marie LaMonte/Harbin.

This is my new Beginning of sharing useful thoughts and ideas. I wont give away anymore information, you will learn more about me later. Any questions please feel free to comment 😀

Sincerely Michael