So I’ve been working on my wiki project for around a week, there’s round 150+ articles up now, and i think i can comortably introduce it to everyone through one of the story arcs that i’ve created.

Mono Daybreak – A single DayBreak – here

This was one of the first “completed” story arcs that I’ve placed on the wiki, the world it takes place is one i created years ago, influenced by popular culture, mot notably video games.

The story as I’ll copy from the wiki is ..

Tybalt, a traveling vagrant meets a beautiful young woman while playing his harmonica on a bridge, this chance encounter would lead him on an adventure of a lifetime and reveal to the world, a new species hiding out in the far north. As he fights off everything in order to restore a lost princess her throne.”

and i think it mirrors a few things in my life and experiences. If nothing else, a fleeting dream I wish i had.

I do encourage everyone to give it a quick read and send me any comments they might have.