bedtime stories

Picture: Bed time stories

Recently, I’ve been watching a action figure movie thing, it’s funny, so it makes up for the fact that it’s amateurish.

Can be found here: (first one, anyway)

It’s really funny, but serious. If you choose to watch it, you will get a few good speeches by and to  the heroes.

What is a hero? Why do we look up? Because they, usually, are something to look up to. Superman sacrifices for the safety of Metropolis, and has laid his life down on a few occasions (against such enemies as doomsday, who KILLED SUPERMAN). Spiderman never gives up. Batman will never kill.

My dad once said: ‘We are who we choose to be. No one decides for you, and only you become who you are.’ It’s the beginning of ‘what every man needs to hear to be a man’ speech he has. I march to the beat of MY drum. But who’s beat do I play?

Do I play someone else’s tune? God’s tune is unremovably woven into mine, but what is dah BEAT? It’s life

I am no man’s servant! Unless I let myself serve. I am no man’s leader! Unless I lead. My drum beats what I want it to beat. I am rarely influenced by what I see in others. Barring only a certain friend, few outside my family truly mold me. I wear what I want to wear (when I go out) without thinking about what other’s think (unless I go to a fancy dress ball, which requires suits) Do you know how few people are able to do that?

I love being an individual, but do you know who I would love to be? Superman. I would love to step in his shoes and save the world. Not even against a major villain, fight whoever decided to play ‘King of the Mountain’ in Metropolus.  I would love to be that ‘perfection’. I’d love, just once, to lay my life on the line and SAVE people. Rush into the burning building, or hold the pass against all comers… something… Anything! Not even for fame… but to just feel the experience one time…

But I’m no hero. I’ve got too many flaws to be superman. But maybe… I could be Batman…