So I think I’m going to start a new column today, not sure if this is going to stay or not, but the column will allow me or others I designate to give a more indepth look at The World, a fantasy world that I created my freshman year of high school.

Well let’s start off with my first topic, the sub-story arc All You Are.

Now the wiki post isn’t quite finished, as with quite a bit of the posts on that site. But the story in itself is mostly finished.

Natalie Marshal, is a girl working for a club, she’s very materialistic, kind of like me, but worse.

Rashall Young is our male lead, he’s a young bartender in training (may change) that just got off his feet, imagine him as someone just leaving college.

The two names are kind of important, but it mirrors the relationship in a small way of two people I had known in my years, they are no longer together and I don’t talk to either much anymore, but i did think their relationship was a special one in those days.

So why the name: All You Are? other than that it is the blog ‘s name (joking lol), the message I wanted to get across for it is, that this girl, who has all these riches and everything can give it up for this poor guy, just because he becomes everything to her.

So what happens in the story?

Well in the story, and this may all change somewhat, Natalie starts off talking about how all these worldly things are very important to her (a reflection of her emptiness inside?), well all her friends, the few she has anyways, call her shallow. She kind of brushes them off

So what does Natalie do exactly? well she is, in a way, a prostitute. She accompanies high status individuals, because she is good looking, and for good reason, in that line of work you have to be. Well this “gang” finds out about her and they kind of force her into a position where she works for them, splitting massive profits their way, or is killed.

So we kind of fast forward a bit, she’s leaving work, life has become rather emptier for her and she’s more dependent on material goods, one of the customers gives her a bonus, which she hides from the boss, but he finds out and hits her, it’s a rotten day. She’s told if she hides anymore money, she’ll be killed. On the way home, Rashall is outside for a break, he’s smoking a crumpled cigarette, he calls out to her, because she’s a pretty girl, but she kind of ignores him. This prompts him to call her a “mob’s whore” which hits a nerve inside of her, so she throws her expensive bag at him and then starts beating him.

After the ordeal is over, he tells her that she should relieve her stress more often, he picks up her stuff and telling her that she shouldn’t live comforting herself with material things, this message impacts her somewhat.

Over the next few meetings they become friends to a point where she can confide her personal thoughts with him. (i plan to actually write the meetings at some point to give it more detail).

So one day, they are standing over a bridge and Natalie mentions how she wish she could die, maybe by jumping off the bridge. This prompts Rashall to take her expensive bag and throw is over, she yells at him, but he holds her and tells her that her life is more precious than that, that he’ll be with her if she’ll take him.

Well at this point what happens is Rashall lets his intetions be known to the gang, and they beat him up, but because of his persistence, they give him an offer, his arm for her freedom.

a year later, Natalie is working as a jewelery designer, at the end of her shift, she walks outside to find Rshall waiting for her, he’s wearing long sleeves, one of his arms is around her, the other hidden in a sleeve, just dangles.

The story and some extent the blog is inspired by this song.