Looks kind of like an Utan from The World. They  are not a warlike species, and are to be pitied, in a way.

When I set out to write the Utan, I intended to create a weaker species. Humans, Elves, Goblins, Valkyries, Angels, Lidereith and Merihim.  Powerful species that exceed the power levels we humans have. If you are a powerful enough human, you can take anything that doesn’t outright destroy your heart or brain and you won’t die (immediately). So we’ve got races of Mary Sues running around.

The Utan are a race of genetically modified humans that are weak. They depend on others, like the Valkyries, to protect them. The Valkyries treat them with a mix of friendship and arrogance. These weaklings are under their sway, and, quite frankly, the Utan don’t mind.  I don’t know why. The Utan actually enjoy the fierce protection of the Valkyries. It beats the company of humans. The Valkyries make sure they are safe and protected, and fed, while the Utan do things like choirs, making weapons and raising children. Very symbiotic relationship.

Their relationship with other races is more strained. Humans, for reasons inconceivable to them, find them attractive. When I mean ‘attractive’ I mean sexy. Thus, Utan, in human populations, face discrimination, because they are not human. Here’s the kicker, they can do anything a human can do, as well as the ability to jump thirty odd meters into the air.

The story A Heart’s Strange Whims is about a human and two Utan. The human (Lichty) is the son of a lord (technically a Prince, due to house machinations) and loves the female, Rabbit Collective Utan, Gram. She likes him just fine, but does not truly love him back. Her heart belongs to the Wolf Clan Utan, Wolf. However, things turn for the worst when he proposes. Not because he is a bad person (while he’s taking his pills), but because of  a scary man who comes in afterward, threatening her safety if she does not accept.

She accepts the next day and Lichty is truly happy. Wolf, however, is less than pleased. At the wedding, Gram is scared for her life and her family. If things do not go right, her family will die. As they finish kissing, Wolf bursts through a window and kidnaps Gram. It appears he used every single favor he had to rent an airship to whisk her away. He hasn’t thought this through. What about her family? What about the fact that the service had gone through and Lichty and her were legally married?

Wolf, and Gram, come to the conclusion that she cannot now escape her responsibility. Lichty was a good friend to them both once he stopped bullying everyone. Wolf decided that it would be… tolerable… to know that it was Lichty, at least, who married her. She gets off the airship, and calls her husband. He is overjoyed to hear her voice, safe and sound.

He arranges for the port authority to take care of her and give her new clothes. He meets her and hugs her, expressing his relief at her safety. He takes her to a hotel room, revealing that his father, Lord Amelius (Lichty Amelius, FYI), did not like her very much, and may try something. He also says that he wasn’t really worried about her in Wolf’s hands. He also reveals that he takes medicines, for something unknown. After making a sly comment about Wolf, she yells at him and they have a fight.

Two years pass and Wolf is working for Arcadia as a ground based look out for Sky Pirates. He is accosted by a trio. He kills them for rubbing him the wrong way. The aggression does nothing for his mood and he sulks. Eventually, a new friend of his talks to him and finally asks him why he is so moody. Usually, the Wolf Clan is a boisterous and friendly, if a little rough, why was he so angsty?

He tells her his story. Well, she says, why can’t you go back? Because… I don’t know? Go visit her! I’m sure it will do a world of good, for the both of you. She encourages him to go see her again. Wolf submits his resignation forms. He’s earned more than enough money from bounties and rewards to go to Windbloom, in style, even.

In Windbloom, things have not gone so well for Gram. Lord Amelius is hostile to her, and makes little secret of the fact that he sent the scary man to threaten her family. He also indicates, but without meaning to, that he hates his son as well. She originally believes it is because she died in child birth, but the servants whisper that Lichty outright murdered her.

Worried now, as well as the fact that Amelius seems to be counting on the fact that Lichty will have no heirs, she is extremely gladdened to have Wolf visit her. Amelius, however, hears of this and captures Wolf. Lichty is away at the time, and cannot help her. She is able to make the journey and visit Lichty at the capitol city. Lichty cuts short his visit to the Oracle, leader of Windbloom, to go with all haste to his home city and save Wolf.

He sends Gram to get something and spends time with Wolf. He reveals many things about Gram, but not tauntingly. He desires her love, and has realized a year ago that he does not have it as he would desire. Wolf has her true, romantic love. He wishes, though, that Wolf would convey his feelings to her. Wolf says that he will talk to her about this.

Gram and Wolf have a heart to heart talk. She tells him of her life, and that Lichty has treated her very well. She says that she wishes she could be a better wife to Lichty, and she tells Wolf about his father, and his hatred of his only son.

It would be too much of a spoiler to continue. But it is a dark story that receives inspiration from Mad Russian Royalty, romance anime… so many things. It will not end very well.

What Separates the Utan from the Humans in this story is how easily they accept their ‘fate’. When they try to change it, or do other than what species like humans, command them, they are punished by it, as if their very being is defined by this trait.

Oh well.