I’m sick with Bronchitis atm, seems like my condition was worsening, but still I think I’m feelin much better.The topic of discussion today is Nana Mizuki’s new single, “Heaven’s Divide.” What it invokes and thoughts in general.

So just who is Nana Mizuki?

Well to put it simply she is a successful voice actress and singer, who debuted in 1998 and is more recently known as Microsoft’s Windows 7 Mascot Girl. (Seen Below)

Her newest single, “Heaven’s Divide,” is the upcoming theme song of the upcoming game Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker, the song is in full english. thanks to Donna Burke. and seems to be about or at least invokes in me, the story of a man choiced with the guilt of decisions he’s made. I think the theme perfectly reflects the Metal Gear universe and compliments Hideo’s genius as a writer.

See for yourself:

Heaven’s Divide – Original Game Clip:

Heaven’s Song Only w/ Subtitles (Song is sung in English)

Personally I like the other single on the album much more, Koi no Yokushiryoku or “Love Deterrence.” The song sounds a bit poppy, but otherwise I really love Nana’s vocals in it, her voice has really grown since the early days. The song is quite well paced and actually helped me create this red-cross style group in The World.

Love Deterrence – Game Clip, video gets a bit silly, but that’s Hideo for ya :]


Song Only w/ subtitles (Sung in Japanese)