It certainly is…

So I’ve been workin on this little project for my media writing and sound classes. I title it The Legend of the Crystals, with the intent, that it would be a theatrical for the incomplete Crystal Rising Era.

Not too sure on the plot, as the article remains incomplete, but I did string together an audio clip that has some semblance of a plot.

the world is changing mp3 link


Narrator: It is said this was the cradle of our civilization.

Main Guy: I am a crystal bearer!

Narrator: Legend spoke of a beautiful forest,

Mentor: It is your powers that are a threat!

Narrator: Sunlight streaming through the forest

Random Man: Then he is a crystal bearer!

Gentle winds, the sound of water.

Main Girl: A kingdom, that’s what I’m ready to sacrifice.

Herald: All hail the king! (March)

Friend: What happened to advancing as a knight and fixing the empire from within.

Mentor: You would rather die a pointless death here?

Main Guy: I don’t have that resolve, no,  all I know is I need her to need me.

Main Girl: But I wanna help him deliver this, to the one who was waiting for him.

Knight Captain: We have protected our people and fought these enemies to a standstill for years.

Mentor: Do you know why I survived?

Main Guy: No sir, you have not told me.

Mentor: I had not had my revenge.

Narrator: The World is changing.