No matter what anyone says.

So a relevant issue to this post or a rant maybe, I can’t seem to decide yet. But it seems each day, more and more I find myself conflicted with the possibility of the future. Sure there are alot of things I wanna do, let’s take a look at my list of dreams/goals.

1. World Domination not likely

2.Wealthy Conglomerate tentative

3. Poor, but somewhat skilled or renowned media/creative specialist, maybe become known for my role in The World. – Most Probable

I’ve noticed more and more that my media peers at the college, have to employ themselves after graduation. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no qualms about starting small business, my experience of which comes from various retail jobs, scams, and internet activities I have been involved in. But as a relative novice otherwise, it’s a scary open world out there, one where you can easily make mistakes.

I remember back when things were simpler…

Epik High – I Remember

Nowadays it seems like the simple times are on their way out.

So for now I guess, I’m going to try and make this media thing work, despite all the negative piled up against me >.> Who knows? maybe I too can find my niche’, I heard somewhere that God said humans can achieve anything, so if that’s true, why can’t I too?

I’ve Sound, Fly, Real High, No matter what the world says.

Epik High – Fly (Lyrics)