I’ve Sound, it’s been ringing in my heart.

There’s a moment in time, when you know that person’s the one, or so I’m told anyways. I’ve never really experienced it, yet. But it’s kind of like that feeling I relate towards religion and beliefs, you know, even though you don’t (you can’t prove/disprove it).

Now I was debating on making this a Freezeframe article, but I decided to stick with this I’ve Sound, mainly because I’ve been listening to Lia all day.

Lia – Feel like a Girl (Eng Sub w/ Eng audio)


So the theme of love is prevalent in music and stories throughout our history as humans, there’s something beautiful about love, and that beauty hasn’t gone away all these years. But has love become such an easy thing nowadays? Not particularly, but media would have you think otherwise. Courting a woman is still as hard, or harder, than it was thirty years ago, but with the advent of films and games showing these girls instantly falling in love with the hero is quite… degrading, so to say.

I’m not against the idea, I just think it’s highly unlikely. How can someone fall in love (can most people even define what real love is?) with someone you know nothing about? Their looks? That’s highly worldly thinking right there.

The world is a wonderful place and I’m glad I live in this era, where technology is growing ever so rapidly, but it still sucks to know that the media I’m enjoying is slowly poisoning me, by injecting it’s ideals, albeit subtly.

So I had this friend of mine that was good friends with this girl throughout most of his life. She always had boyfriends and whatnot, but still he found himself slowly being more and more attracted to her. He would always say to himself that one day she would be his (Forrest Gump anyone?).

Well she ended up getting married to one of her boyfriends and he became an emotional wreck.  I think that he shouldn’t have chased that one girl most of his life, pushing away all others that may have been interested. Their relationship seemed to exist as a false sense of security between the two, a backup plan that didn’t quite work. Personally if he had waited that long and there was no furthering of their relationship, it was probably unlikely to develop anyways.

Throughout this post it seems, as I read over it, that I have a problem with females or not in general. Which is quite hilarious as I’ve been told that I have female characters over males by a huge margin. But that discussion can be saved for another article. For now I’ll just say that everybody’s someone is out there, that person that makes you feel like the most amazing person on the earth.

I’ll leave you all with this scene (Remember Read Right to Left)

I’ve Sound, We shared the moment.