So… I have returned to this fateful blog, but this time I am going to do something different. Instead of strictly gaming news, I think I will add my opinions on what new games are out, what games I have finished, and whatever comes to mind in this tech-based world we live in. So I shall start with a review of the Xbox 360 game, Splinter Cell: Conviction.

April 13th marked the day of release for the new Splinter Cell game, Conviction. When this was announced back in 2007, I had very mixed feelings on it. I had played previous entries in the series, but I always thought they were for the hardcore stealth fans only. They didn’t offer much for the casual gamer or the straight up action types such as myself. So when I found out that Conviction was going more for the action route with hints of stealth, I was stoked. Well, I bought it off Amazon for the lovely price of $46.

Starting up, Sam Fisher is in a heap of trouble with his former company Third Echelon. This entire game is based off the events of his departure, his defiance, and take down of his former employer. But I don’t want to talk about story, it gives too much away. I was surprised at the length of this game. It was only roughly 6 hours in length, but for someone like me, those 6 hours fly by. The gameplay was smooth. It offered several new gadgets and features like sonar goggles and a new anticipated feature called Mark & Execute, it also brought on a new stealth system that no longer is based off a stealth meter, but rather a color change on the screen, such as black and white when hidden, and color when you can be seen. These new gameplay mechanics offer a whole new Splinter Cell that kept many gamers happy, and also brought in new gamers to the series, a plus in today’s gaming society. The game was plagued with a crash at launch but our trusty friends at Ubisoft corrected that problem several hours and many people such as myself were unaffected. Unfortunately, multiplayer is a tad bit lacking in this entry. Ubisoft did not explain the removal of Spies vs. Mercs but it did add 1v1 Spy vs. Spy and a small co-op campaign to keep most people happy along with several “takedown” missions for single and multiplayer gameplay.

Overall, this is one of the best of the Xbox 360 lineup for 2010. I give Splinter Cell: Conviction a solid 8.5/10 and would recommend it to anyone who owns an Xbox. It would have scored a 9.0 if they would have kept Spies vs. Mercs or they would have given more than a co-op campaign and a few takedown missions.