There’s a moment in every game, movie, and song where you just know.

So I went to see the new Dreamwork’s movie, How to Train Your Dragon, thinking it would be some mildly entertaining kids movie. But about 2/3s of the way in I found myself mesmerized by a scene of him flying on one of the beasts and that’s when I knew, it was the moment.

You see I have a fond belief (I want to say understanding but it may be just me), that in everything you experience, there’s a moment, a scene, a note, where you know, that movie, song, or whatever is something you like. It’s the moment when you know you are going to buy a movie, while watching it in a theater, become a fan of a band, fall in love with a girl, adore a franchise, or even connect with a character.

The moment is such a precious thing, that society has taken for granted, we know what we like, but do we always know why we like them? Surprisingly 7 out of 10 people I questioned about this subject, didn’t know why they liked certain movies, but they did. So sit back and enjoy a few infamous moments in the geek world….