I’ve Sound, You make everything alright.

“We were born for something and we die for something..

if that is our fate…we can’t resist it.

Traveling down the road that can’t be seen,

that which lies ahead, is the end of life,

that is truly the guidance of God.”

Life is unfair, though I wish such wasn’t the case, there’s not much to be done about it. I got thinking after watching a favorite character of mine die in a tv show recently, she died after believing she had accomplished her “life’s mission” and passed without any regrets. But I wonder, what is my own life’s mission? People are born into unfortunate circumstances each day, people are involved in unfortunate circumstances each day, is it because we can’t learn to treat each other better? The simple answer would be sin, but still for you non-religious folks, it’s mostly because of the lack of love.

Black Eyed Peas – Where is the love?


When thinking about my own inevitable death, I try to hope that I will find my purpose before then, I want to save someone (metaphorically speaking), I want to be part of a bigger story, the mentor, the sacrificial friend, the unfortunate leader, the 3rd in a love triangle. But will these hands of mine be enough? Can I accomplish all I want to? Especially when I feel very lost at times, the direction of life, the strength of faith, the bonds of friendship. I do all of the things I have to.

Leona Lewis – My Hands (Final Fantasy XIII trailer version)


A few years back, I was hitting a boundary of depression, things in life were going terribly wrong, my girlfriend had left me, I had lost contact with most of my friends, and the world seemed to be crushing down on me. That’s when I discovered Epik High, they were a relatively unknown underground group at the time, so on a whim I decided to try and listen to their newest single, “Love Love Love.” The moment I put on the headphones I could feel the sound rushing through me, my world changed and I was saved. Even in a life as empty as mine, there was a song and from that song, there were more songs.

We cry because we are lonely, because we are human, because we are real.

Epik High – Love Love Love

And just like I was saved, I hope music can save someone else too.

Live by the Music.

I’ve Sound, This is My Song.