I was thinking about gaming trends and fanboyism and how it dominates the industry nowadays and these are my thoughts. Today, all people care about are the things that make their consoles superior. My console is better because your console doesn’t have this. Well, honestly in my opinion, that is 100% bullshit. In all things, fanboyism makes a console worse. Some of the worst fanboys out there are Xbox and Playstation fanboys.

“Xbox Live is better because of the community” and “Playstation Network is better because it’s free.” Having experienced both I have to say that yes, XBL does have a better community, but that doesn’t make it better, it just means it’s easier to socialize in. Price does come into an issue, but when you look at where you pay $50 a year for XBL, PSN does begin to look better. Xbox does need some support on that issue because that $50 you give them goes to server costs, coincidentally, Sony needs better servers, so maybe they should put a price plan on PSN. Overall, due to the strong initial standpoint, I would give the edge to Xbox Live at the moment, mainly for better severs and managing of multiplayer games. Sony is making strong strides to catch up so who knows what the future will hold. Winner: Xbox Live.

Now onto exclusives, another areas fanboys try to make their stand. Playstation exclusives include Metal Gear Solid, Heavy Rain, LittleBigPlanet, God of War, Uncharted, and many others. Xbox exclusives include Halo, Gears of War, Fable, Mass Effect, and many others. BOTH systems make a strong stand in their exclusives. All these games listed are extremely good games, not perfect, far from that, but extremely enjoyable and definitely day 1 purchases. So when it comes down to it, what do you prefer? Do you want RPGs and single-player based games, or do you want multiplayer and more action based games? Winner: Tie

Now onto hardware. It is fully understood that Sony is the full leader in hardware. With every PS3, you have a Blu-Ray player, built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and native 1080p output support (thanks to Blu-Ray). With every Xbox 360, you are given almost nothing; you get a typical DVD player, no Wifi ($50-100 accessory), no Bluetooth, and while it supports HDMI, it isn’t native 1080p (again, Blu-Ray).  Again, Sony does have the better hardware overall thanks to Blu-Ray and their billion dollar Cell Processor which is unmatched by the Xbox in terms of raw power. Not to mention the roughly 15-20% fail rate of Microsoft’s Xbox console (last I heard, it may have gone down). Winner: Sony

Now everyone’s favorite, sales. Currently Nintendo of all people is leading the worldwide sales with a little over 70m sales. Compared to Microsoft’s 39m and to Sony’s 34m. But I won’t continue on since Nintendo doesn’t really come in to play for fanboyism because Nintendo fanboys are just the full definition of fanboy by being themselves. Anyways, as you can see Sony is only behind by a small 5m in sales. That is small compared to the overall picture, Microsoft now only strives on sales from people re-buying the console for a failed console and it’s pretty much implied that if you don’t have an Xbox, then you won’t buy one. Now, Sony is being dominated in the U.S. by Microsoft by roughly 9.5m in sales, now if more Americans would buy PS3s, then Sony will definitely have the lead, now we wait until Christmas for new sales figures. Gotta give Sony some credit for gaining as many sales as they did because Microsoft had a one year jump on the rest of the competition. Well, as of now, Winner: Microsoft

So, that is it. Honestly, I like to consider myself more of a Sony fan because I have always known Sony since the PSX but based on my facts above, Microsoft currently has my overall vote simply because of Xbox Live. Once Sony improves the PSN or when Microsoft bumps up the price on XBL, then things may change for me. But back on the topic of fanboyism, I can’t stand it because I support BOTH consoles, neither console is better than the other, it all dims down to preferences, I love Sony’s exclusives more than Microsoft’s but I like Xbox Live better. That’s my stand on it, unfortunately these types of facts can’t neutralize the gaming industry but hey, what can I do to change millions of peoples minds on things? Absolutely nothing.