Anatomy study 2 by Friska Freak of Deviant Art.

Well, no one really knows this outside of my closest circle. (or point, as it’s only one guy) I’ve been teaching myself to draw. Now, that ain’t so bad, but this is what bugs me. WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK THAT WHEN I SAY I WANT TO LEARN ABOUT DRAWING FEMALE ANATOMY THEY THINK I WANT TO DRAW BREASTS!? NO! I don’t want to draw breasts! I want to draw fully clothed females in perfectly normal positions. And I want to draw guys too, but not as much.

Is it so hard? Oh yes. For the last 14 years I’ve basically spent my life believing I can’t draw. I’m not any good yet either, just a little btw. BUT I know what I want to draw and I can usually put that to paper. BUT I’m entirely different from the mass of western drawers in that I don’t want to draw the bare human body. I don’t think it is beautiful naked (now, I’m exempting my future wife from this). I prefer people to keep their shirt on.

So deviant art. It’s a great resource for artists and wannabes like myself. I don’t really mind the breastage and everything else, not really. You see I’ve never understood why it’s important to the human sexual deviancy. BUT I have a certain code of morals that I adhere myself to, so I really have to dig to find ^^^^^ . That’s right. A perfectly adequate and not very embarrassing female anatomy study.

I actually like her style too. I’m trying to mold mine towards the sharper chin aesthetic for female drawings. Also, I like the eyes. I do very poor eyes, but I feel that with the experience copying her work, I have created my own. Good by all.