For this article I will be detailing my opinions on how companies deal with downloadable content and how I think DLC can possibly sell games nowadays.

Downloadable content, the one things gamers love, and the one thing they love to hate. For one, you are already paying $40-60 for the game. With DLC, you could be paying up to, if not more than $80-100 for that game, all because you wanted that addon or those maps so you could continue to be cool or play with the great majority of others.

The most popular form of DLC is the map packs. While PC users can get it for free in most cases, the Xbox and Playstation users need to pay in upwards of $10 (or 800 MS Points, respectively) for most map packs. Some cheaper maps can be priced higher, or like the most recent Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus map pack, be priced much higher than usual ($15). But the thing about us gamers, we pay for it, we bitch about the prices, then go through with it anyways (especially myself). Blizzard Entertainment has been offering DLC now for World of Warcraft in the forms of a mount for $25 and 3 vanity pets priced at $10 each. Of course, the most diehard collectors or fans of WoW will purchase these DLC pets and mount but really, is it necessary for the game? Definitely not.

The thorn in most gamers side though today is the fact MOST companies now release day 1 DLC. Which means, they are making you pay for DLC that is already in the game files and on the disc. The whole problem with that is that instead of paying your $40-60 for all the content, they are really making (and by making, I mean tempting) you to pay for extra shit that you don’t need but feel obligated to buy. I personally don’t have as much as a problem with it, but by reading forums and comments from other gaming blogs, it is an apparent issue with the gaming industry.

So really when it comes down to it, DLC has been encouraging digital downloads and the rise of in-game purchases. I appreciate all the DLC, especially games like Rock Band (over 500 songs and counting), and I will continue to purchase DLC, but if companies honestly want more downloads, then the whole price needs to be lowered maybe down to $5-8 per DLC standards, $10 does add up alot over time.