Be Human by Shirotsuki.

What makes humans human?

One of things I question is what makes us HUMAN.

*Humans are social creatures. Loneliness and friendlessness can drive us insane.

*Humans are the only species to value their young and other members of their species.

*Humans form social structures of increasing complexity as we gather in larger groups.

*Humans create things with purpose beyond shelter. Art and so much more. We are the first species to do this. (All those apes/elephants/whatever else only mimic us. A paintbrush is put in their appendage after a zookeeper shows them what to do)

*Humans create religion

*Humans truly warp their environment permanently.

*Humans venerate/worship/remember the dead.

But you know what’s funny? I don’t feel human. This weak flesh that surrounds me is nothing but a shell for a soul. It disturbs me a little, knowing that this body is so temporary that God explicitly says that He’ll give us new bodies. Does that mean then, that as long as I do not harm my body, I can modify it? I mean, it doesn’t matter, really. I don’t mean tattoos or piercings, I mean entire mechanical replacements.

Would that make me a non-human though? Certainly I’d be a partial-cyborg, but all cyborgs are once human (or flesh, I am an equal opportunity blogger who does not discriminate between sentient species). I don’t have any defect, mind you. My body, a little overweight and a little lacking in strength, is just about better than average than most other wise. But what does it mean to my humanity?

*Looking back, most of my social experiences have been controlled by my parents until the end of High School.

*I don’t like youngsters. Even people my own age. I firmly believe that the exuberance of youth is self-destructive and entirely wasted on them. Quite frankly, it’s wasted on me too.

*I’ve always noticed the social structures in place. Then ‘sucked up’ to the teachers. Then allowed the system to move me on to the next system. When I reach true adulthood, what sort of future will I have?

*I write, but I have found no evidence of people being influenced by it, other than the five minutes of ‘oh that’s nice’.

*I am a part of belief system and I am often at odds with around 90% of the Baptist community. Good Lord, can’t we be more wise about what we say? Conservative Republicans are a negative stereotype! (as are liberals). BARACK OBAMA IS NOT HITLER!

*I mow lawns. It is a vague exercise in futility.

*I don’t like dead people. I move on. I spent around one week grieving over my grandma’s death and then moved on with my life. I don’t even bother visiting her grave of my own accord. She died, life goes on.

So, why am I still human? I don’t follow the general ideas about what humans are. I may have a soul. I may have a homo sapien body. But I don’t feel like a human. I don’t want to be a part of that mass of wars, genocide and idiocy. I DON’T WANT TO BE A PART OF YOU ALL. This isn’t arrogance. Most of you humans have perfectly good lives with skills that I don’t have. There are better writers than I. There are better gamers than I. There are better people who don’t want to be a part of humanity than I.

Well. Wikipedia has some interesting words about Cyborgs. Worth a read and a research. Choice is yours. I know I’m eager.