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So I’ve been stuck dealing with a few family issues these past few days, not to mention issues involving my friends and school too, which have made life a bit more stressful than need me. However, I persevere and today I’d like to talk a bit about my story for The World, called: “Dear My Girls.” Inspired by many stories but in particular, “Little Women.” I actually decided to write this post because of an upcoming movie script that I plan to write, I’m thinking of translating the first chapter of “Dear my Girls,” into a script, but still unsure on that.

So “Dear My Girls” or DMG for short, is a story about the Audrey Sisters, 4 girls from the Noble House Audrey of the dessert kingdom of Jaedinar. Though I say lives, the story focusses more on the four sisters finding love, in particular Clain Audrey, who is one of the more rebellious of the 4 sisters.

Main Characters:

Audrey Sisters:

*Note Some of the links have not been filled, to learn more about the character read the “chapter summaries” that are up.

The Guys:

  • Reyfon Belca – The 2nd eldest son of a minor merchant family, he believes that honest and hard work are the best ways to achieve what one wants. Reyfon also firmly believes in the class divide and thinks that people from upper and lower classes should not mingle.
  • Reitz Astellion – A homeless guy, he works heavy labor to make ends meet and travels from city to city looking for work, he has gained alot of experience in various fields.
  • Renault Von Casper – A nobleman from the Casper Family, he was a hero during the last war and is now forced into a marriage meeting with Clair Audrey, he firmly rejects the idea of arranged marriages and believes instead in finding one’s own love.
  • Reuel Kaphisilla – one of the sons from House Kaphisilla, he is a playboy and tries to woo Cali time and time again, he does not believe in lasting love, and eventuallly finds himself slowly being attracted to Clover Audrey.

So the story starts with Clain having been in love with Reyfon Belca for awhile now,  she goes by the pseudonym Clain Springfield and the two have been in a relationship for awhile now. Reyfon wants to learn more about Clain’s family, but she has been rather secretive about them, avoiding the subject whenever he brings it up.

Clain’s family on the other-hand is preparing to marry off her older sister, Clair Audrey, to a war hero from the Casper family, Renault Von Casper. Renault believes in finding one’s own true love and hates the idea of an arranged marriage meeting, having never met Clair, he thinks that she is a typical noble, pretty girl and has low expectations, but agrees to the meet because of public expectations.

Well Reyfon proposes to Clain, but she tells him she needs time to think about it, so she can buy time to think up ways to reveal her true self. The next day Clain is scheduled to go on a “buisiness trip” so Reyfon has to wait the entire weekend for her answer, the trip turns out to be a farce as it is really a family gathering she has to attend. Unbeknown-st to Clain, her mother is trying to hook her up with Cypien Falcia, a nobleman from House Falcia. During the engagement announcement, Clain embarrasses her mother and the engagement is called off by Cypien’s father. Clain’s brother, Camille is an old friend of Reyfon’s from their college days and has Reyfon deliver him some documents (Camile is an executive in the company Reyfon works for, Clain is working there with her families knowledge so she can get experience from the ground level, her real reason is to spend time with Reyfon, though Camille doesn’t know about the two’s  relationship yet.)

During Clain’s argument with her mother afterwords Cali ventures out and is saved by Reitz from a few streets thugs, she follows him because she is lost. Meanwhile Clover is also acting under a pseudonym in the company and is good friends with Reyfon, she helps him out with advice, unbeknown-st to her that he and her sister are a couple.

The story follows various plot lines that focus on the love and happiness of the sisters, I wrote it in  bullet-sequence format because I wanted to write the story faster, if I ever have time, I’d like to come back and maybe do a full script or story of Dear My Girls. I leave you all with some of the many plotlines floating around in the story.

Plotline, Previews, and Summaries, may contain Spoilers:

  • Clain’s noble heritage and how she reveals it to Reyfon/he finds out.
  • Clover’s feelings for Reyfon and discovering that her sister, Clain, is his lover.
  • Renault and Clair’s relationship, two shy people with wrong misconceptions about each other
  • Cali’s feelings develop for a stranger she met (Reitz)
  • Blaise Audrey (Clain’s father) struggling to balance the happiness of his daughters/wife with the image of the family.
  • Requel (Blaise’s wife) trying to gain social status by marrying her daughters off, she is more and more stressed as most of them rebel.
  • Camille’s affair with a girl he had abandoned in the past
  • Judith (Camille’s wife) coming to terms with Camille’s distant ways, she loves him, but he sees her as marrying only for status.
  • June (Cali’s cousin/friend)  supporting Cali’s interest in Reitz (at first for greedy reasons, but later it becomes sincere) and finding her own romance in the most unlikely of people.
  • Reitz making a name for himself in the world.
  • Yadon (Reyfon’s father) struggle to get his sons married and his pride in his family’s hard earned achievements, all the while remember and staying loyal to his dead wife.
  • Helena (Yadon’s mother) desire to see her son married once more.
  • Jae’s (Reyfon’s elder brother) singing career, which is going so unsuccessful, he has to bribe people to let him play at first.
  • Joseph’s (Reyfon’s 1st younger brother)  quest to get accepted by Helena, as he is adopted and she doesn’t consider him family, he is a hard worker and is in love with an unmarried girl with a baby.
  • Waite (Reyfon’s youngest brother) struggle between school and fun, he finds his love in the most unlikely of girls.
  • Clain and Reyfon’s marriage, (yes they do get married, but that’s not the end of the story!) the issues surrounding that…(clain’s family not approving, Reyfon’s stern belief in the social class system). Married life isn’t all fun and games.
  • Minorin (delivery girl) falling in love with Joseph, and befriends Jae to get to him. Unfortunately, Joseph isn’t interested and Jaee finds himself falling in love with her. She isn’t interested, until he knocks her up….
  • George, a retired champion arena fighter, he wants to train Reitz to become more successful than his last pupi.
  • Reuel (Clover’s future husband), a playboy from a noble house, he is interested in Clain and Clover takes it upon herself to stop him, but she unknowingly falls for this playboy.
  • Cypien’s attempts to woo Clain and get her to divorce Reyfon.

Well there you are, I tried not to spoil too much and may make a second post to elaborate further, until next time.