It’s raining outside and once again, sad memories, sad melodies. I’ve Sound.

So why is it so common that rain invokes such sadness in so many people? You would think that with all the people there are in the world, they couldn’t all have an unhappy experience involving rain, could they? Could it be the color of the sky, a mix of gray and subtle blue, that invokves such emotion in us? Or maybe it’s because the droplets of water that resemble teardrops, a symbol of human emotion.

For me, the rain invokes a feeling of regret, quite a number of things have happened to me while it was raining, deaths and losses of all kinds. For instance one of my girlfriends broke up with me on an early rainy day in May, the event was… depressing to say the least. Another time a friend of mine was killed in a car accident because of the rain, though I didn’t hear about it till days later. And when I was in the midst of depression, the rain reminded me of the misfortune of the world and though I think I’m over it, those memories stick with me. Sometimes it feels like I’m dripping all over when it’s raining, I can’t seem to get dry, and I get depressed and filled with regret, I wish someone would hold an umbrella for me at times.

Epik High – Umbrella ft. Younha (Eng Sub)


I think it’d be nice for me to write a love story where the rain connects the two lovers, maybe I would call it, “Rain Leaves a Scent,” “It Started in the Rain,” “Raindrop Romance,” “The Sound of Rain’s Kisses,” “A Kiss Concealed by a Rainy Night,” or even “Spring’s Tears.” Something along those lines would make a great story, maybe a couple meeting in the rain, a kiss with a stranger i nthe dark, rainy night leads to a love, a promise of love in the rain, a guy/girl with amnesia that can only remember things during a rainstorm, and a few other ideas I have floating around. Though I’m not saying it’s not been done, but merely saying it hasn’t been done by me, a love story, back to the basic.

Rain – Love Song (Back to the Basic)

I’m hoping to one day get over this whole sadness in the rain thing, but until I do, I think it’ll continue to haunt my memories with sad ones.

I’ve Sound, Alone in the Rain, Rain, Rain.