So, not knowing on what I want my topic to be on, I figured I would talk about what is happening in my life.

Well, school ends for me in one week, April 30th. I have good grades, actually I think I may miss it a little bit. A lot of friends are moving on to better things, such as myself with college. I am moving down to Springfield in August so I can attend Missouri State University, which I am very excited for, mainly to have a lot more freedom. I know freedom isn’t always fun and games, but I am up for the challenge.

For this last week, I plan to be lazy except for the little studying I need to do for finals and such. My summer will be me laying around playing games and seeing movies with friends, June 9th reserved though for my freshman orientation, that should be boring for the most part.

But the end comes with high school. Probably won’t talk to nearly half my classmates except on Facebook, which even then, I don’t do a lot of Facebook chat, so it’ll be those rare times I do chat. That’s really it though. Relaxing during the summer and starting up college in August. Wish I had more profound words to say, or more opinions on the videogame world, I guess I could do a boring article on Activision vs. Infinity Ward, but maybe later.