I’ve Sound, I can’t let you go, I gotta let you go.

Friendship, the word is simple enough, but it’s suppose to have more meaning to us, it’s the relationship between people who are close to us. Friends are suppose to be there for you and likewise you for them. But at times, almost suddenly, we change, can the bonds we have grown and nurtured over the years survive this? I myself seem to be betrayed by my own so called friends time and time again. From the lack of trust, to broken promises, how can a friendship endure when it is constantly betrayed so? How can a relationship founded on trust survive if that foundation itself is at risk. Maybe it’s time to let go, even if you can’t.

Taeyang – Look Only at Me (Eng Sub)

So goodbye my friends, hello my associates, I may not have been the best friend myself, but still I think I’m worth more than the trust you’ve broken. I’m starting to see through this painful dream called life an everything is starting to change, if only time would turn back.

Desiree Parker ft. Corey Maddox – Little Goodbye

Well sorry for any of you that read through that rant mess up top. Perhaps what really made me write this rant of a post is a recent incident with two of my friends, one of them, which I will call Mr.Wheeler and the other Mr. Michael. Well the incident begins with Mr. Wheeler disregarding my recommendations until someone else, albeit people he may not consider friends, recommends the same thing also. It makes me angry, but mainly disappointed, how is my word taken so lightly, especially when paired with a strangers? (The idea of everyone else being a stranger bothers me also, but that’s for another time and place.)

Mr. Michael on the other hand takes everything as an attack, can never give a straight answer, and lies fervently to get the spotlight off him. It’s the combination of three that has made me lose respect for him, that and his crazy-religious beliefs (for another time perhaps…).

I will say that people should value their friends, as we grow older we make less and less friends and more and more “associates” so don’t treat your friends so lightly, you might end up alone. And though you may want to be alone, it’s not something that is natural for humans, we are created with an unconscious need for relationships. Notice how all the criminals are usually loners are with a bunch of loners? Few are ever “social” people like the movies portray them as. So when your friends betray you, look deep inside your memory and see what began that relationship, once more.

I’ve Sound, In this world of lies, you were the one I trusted the most.