Its Been a While since I last made a post  but I think I can throw some things together.

Ive met a wonderful, beautiful, and respectful woman 7 months ago her name is Maria Brawley. Our relationship is still going on strong and will stay on that same road for a long time.

Last week I went on Kairos which in Greek means Opportune Moment it was a time we used to get to know people and get to talk a little about our lives and God. Towards the End I received my Cross of Jerusalem which is a pretty cool cross…that kinda resembles a waffle D:

Ive also had some family problems over the past few weeks one being the Death of my cousin on 2/7/2010. Ok maybe it was longer back than I thought but still a very tragic moment I will cease to talk about right now because only so much can be said.

On April 4th I went and saw one of the Greatest bands of all time, Tegan and Sara they some of the most beautiful Canadians Ive ever saw XD. Anywho they had a wonderful set list their music is so inspirational and easy to relate to. They are amazing 😀

The past Month so far I have been VERY BUSY and some people don’t understand but its ok. Ive come to realize that in the past few years of my life I noticed people trying to take control, trying to turn me into a puppet or a marionette. I bow to no puppet master made of cheap tricks, lies, deceit, and Hypocrisy. I hate fighting and arguing with people, everyone needs to realize everyone being is different so don’t expect them to be like you. Too many of the same people made Jack a dull boy. Maybe I don’t really know so why keep asking questions If I don’t know then I don’t know. Not everything is Yes or No I have a life too and im trying to live it so please…just fuck off…