Got home from the doctor today with a few more meds, seem to be doing better, so I decided to finish up the 3rd chapter of Noctune from the Rise of Nadir side stories.

Well Rise of the Nadir, is the story of Mihli Lilty‘s rise to power as the 202nd Empress of the Estellion Sky Empire. Along the way she meets many people and through their encounters, she builds a relationship and bond of loyalty between themselves and her, the story isn’t totally finished at this point and I’m actually in the process of rewriting it, but I decided to do two separate story arcs to flesh out the side stories.

The first story arc of which is Rise of the Nadir: Acapella, Acapella isn’t really fleshed out at this point as there are only small paragraph summaries for the first three stories in it.

The other side story arc is Rise of the Nadir: Noctune, Noctune happens in the past, before the main Rise of the Nadir storyline, while Acapella happens concurrently. Noctune is currently at three short chapters and is currently following the backstory of Celestia, one of the important people Mihli will meet on her journey. The 3rd chapter was added a bit earlier today and is a past story I entitled the Violinist of Hemlen.

The name Hemlen is for the Violin (which you can find out in the story) and the chapter largly focusses on Celestia’s relationship with her older brother, Krieve, who is portrayed as a gentle and loving individual. Because of family traditions he is sent into military service and returns home years later, with his right arm missing and his left hand gone. This, of course, prevents him from playing the Violin, which he loved, so he hands it off to Celestia.

I wanted to explain how Celestia became interested and subsequently “mastered” the violin, the reasons behind it, and hint a bit on why she developed her cold personality and her strained relationship with her father, whom she blames for causing Krieve’s injuries.

For those interested I actually sound edited a few things together to make this clip, which is the song her brother plays at the beginning of the story. You can find the link here.

Well thanks for reading and look forward to the next chapter, I’m really bad at staying with one story, so forgive me if it takes awhile.