So, the Halo: Reach beta went live today, May 3, 2010, and I have played roughly 10 matches and I will discuss my thoughts on how the beta is performing so far.

To start off, I have truly enjoyed being owned by a bunch of non-intimidating 13 year old boys that, of course, sound like girls. Of course, I wasn’t really owned, but I am saying that just to boost their ego more so I can crush them. I do say enjoyed because of the thrills of jetpacks, sprinting, and true realism that Halo: Reach has brought me. I do hate that the beta is riddled with 13 year olds who smack talk, but that is expected of Halo. I am at my frustration points with Reach already, it may look good, it may play very well, but I am frustrated with it, which is why I am not playing it now, but rather the next few days. Yes, it is a beta, BUT, the bullshit still remains just like every Halo game. People don’t stop jumping, they use all the cheapest weapons like rockets and swords, and they wait in corners just so they can assassinate you. That doesn’t make a game fun.

My main complaint with it so far is the whole balancing issue, which I am trusting Bungie will fix before release, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t because they rarely do it successfully. My other main issue is the hosting servers that Bungie is using. You can get maybe 3 games in before they crash or start lagging and it takes about 5-10 minutes to download the 3 playlist game types they have, which is unbelievable. It also takes about 10 minutes to start the game because it needs to load the map for everyone, and if that one person has a shitty connection, then everyone else has to wait for him.

But there are many good things about the beta. Such as the graphics and the slight realism they added to the gameplay mechanics, unfortunately though, they will never be able to cater to a mature audience like they did with the original Halo: Combat Evolved. I like the beta, and I will continue to play it, but like every beta I participate in, I stop midway through because they always wipe the stats, making me feel like I wasted my time. Although, I may try out the new “Arena” gametype, which will carry over if your team is good enough.