I’d like to comment on my plans for summer, if you would humor me.

During my ‘Rosy School Life’ (HA!), I had to give up somethings, especially during finals week.

1. Books for pleasure, esp. Sci-fi, in which genre I have a renewed interest.

2. My Ps2. and serious video games, whenever I rewind, I generally play some light thing on newgrounds or such-like. Fridays were my only reprieve.

3. Anime watching. I’ve got a massive backlog of things I need to watch as well as what I have currently for the season.

4. Starting tomorrow, I want to write five articles of various lengths, short or otherwise, or one proper chapter (of at least 1000 words) that I shall post here.

More details.

1. I want to start reading more cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk genres. I find them pleasing to my mind and my aesthetic desires. I will likely take up reading in bed. Also, I include the vast array of webcomics (going on fifty I watch at their respective times in the week) in this. I just find there is not enough of the things I like.

2. I’ve got about 10 games in my collection, downstairs next to the family TV, that I have yet to finish. Titles include Xenosaga, Odinsphere (FINAL BOSS GETS ME EVERY TIME /RAGE), Dirge of Cerberus and a fine selection of others. I feel obligated to finish them, namely because I spent money on them.

3. Not much else needs to be said here.

4. I can do this and three at the same time. I often find that the resolution is best when I divide my screen in half, the other I use in typing. In fact, I was doing this as I type this very post.

I do have a job and responsibilities, so I’ll just have to see what happens. Driving will also happen, so I hope I can complete everything on my itinerary.


I happen to enjoy things like this. Next time I talk, I’ll display my taste in German Industrial. (or whatever it’s called, I call it Industrial) It’s like techno, but very heavy.