Change, after all these years, it’s still the same.

Three years ago, just a short time to remember.

Three years ago, a long time to forget.

Three years ago, what has changed since then?

I guess I could say that three years ago, I was at one of the highest points in my life, a golden future ahead of me, tons of great friends that I could hang around, books and games and series were being released a plenty, and the girl of my dreams was within arm’s length.

But now three years later, I can’t say I’m totally unhappy or that I’m totally satisfied with how things turned out, the world is ever changing and I along with it. I’ve lost alot of things, with many friends moving on and the remainder dwindling, with relationships far and lost, and a great many other changes.

But if we could go back, if we had one more chance, one more time to change things, would we?

Yamazaki Masayoshi – One more time, One more chance (Japanese w/Eng Subtitles)

I recently found out about DC Comics closing it’s manga division, CMX. Being an avid reader of stories and a lover of the manga artform, I was somewhat shocked and saddened by this news. It seems like print as a format is closer to dying each and everyday, though it has been in that process for several years now.  With the release of popular devices such as the kindles, nooks, and even ipads, all supporting the digital formats, the death of print seems to be speeding along at every moment.

I’m a book reader, always have been, always will be. I generally don’t like most change that occurs. I like having my stable everyday with few surprises, I like my steady pace of life, and I like holding a physical, paper product infront of me when I read. I like having bookshelves, I like being able to feel my books, to smell them, to watch them proudly display. But it seems that my kind is dying (quite literally), this new age of people, being raised on digital goods, but paying generally the same price as I (or even more!), I can’t seem to change with that.

Even if the world around changes, I’m still the same.

When was it that we stopped writing love letters?

A once common practice, now forsaken and nearly dead.

Now I don’t really like to rant as much as I seem to do on the blog, but it seems like when I sit down and write it turns out that way, apologies. I’m not mad at the world going digital, I use it everyday, almost all the time actually, but I guess it’s these moments of loneliness that can only occur in the early morning when I’m writing this post that makes me feel so strong about the death of some traditions. Reading a newspaper in the morning, borrowing a book from the library, writing a letter to the one you love, writing notes on paper, it seems like all of that is dying. The world I’ve known and loved, the world that I’ve grown up in, with many fond memories.

I guess the message I’m trying to get out here is to live your way, if you want to do something, do it, before the world changes so that it’s impossible to do it anymore…

I’ve Sound, Even if no one else is, I’m still writing love letters.