I’ve been slacking…

Art of the Days to follow

Everything is cuter with Pikachu!

This day I spent eight and a half hours mowing. I was dog tired.

Normally, it’s friendly, but she stole his cookies.

Impressive, but not likely to be able to do anything.

I miss the old Star Gate Movies

I finished Bioshock 2. Perhaps one of the best games I’ve ever played. Eleanor Lamb was a great character, as was your player character, well developed and AWESOME.
You call me mad! But could a madman have outsmarted the world’s greatest electronica duo!?
Some sweet ship-to-ship combat here.
Apparently this is the artist’s sister. Click on it for the necessary large view. Chose this art of the day at random.
Like the other on, this really need to be appreciated at full size.