I’ve Sound, Everything is never as it seems…

So E3 has been going on this week, I’ve managed to trudge myself through all three of the major conferences (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) and the consensus seems to be focussing on two main themes. 3d and Motion. According to the “Big 3” this is the future of gaming and entertainment as a whole, moving about while playing games and being immersed through “3-d.”

I don’t know about most of the populace, but I prefer to sit and NOT moving around when playing my games. If I wanted immersion through “movement” I’d be playing laser tag. Now if we could develop virtual reality devices further I would be totally into that, but as it is I don’t like the whole “movement” movement.

Now Nintendo making the 3DS isn’t so bad, mainly because of the lack of 3-d glasses required. The crippling point of 3-d at this point is that you are force to wear those stupid glasses. Get rid of those (like the way Nintendo is making the 3DS) and it may be successful, but we’ll see how that system fares.

Besides my disapproval at the direction the entertainment industry is moving I think this year’s E3 was rather successful.

From New Zelda’s to New Xboxes, there’s plenty of stuff for everyone.


Just a few of the things I found most interesting, I’m sure I missed a few things though…

Owl City – Fireflies