Yea yea yea, this blog gets dry every so often, but I am back, alone to post that this is a new year, and maybe, just maybe, this blog will pull together for another series of posts this year.

As usual, I like to talk about games. IGN stated that the Xbox 360 won the console war this year, probably because of the release of Kinect. I would have to call bullshit on that. I firmly believe IGN is biased towards Xbox and they want to see the world burn. I think that the PS3 edged out a better year due to higher sales figures and the release of many good exclusives this year.

Anyways, the console war is full of artards that are biased towards a system with no real reason aside from the fact that they play it nonstop. They can’t back it up.

Happy New Year everyone, and that I was my rant of the day.