No, no he’s not.

I had a hard time picking which show to showcase first for this new Ani-Blog experiment. Dantalian and Kami/Memo would most likely have been better shows as they impressed me way more than these first two episodes did.

Main reason I’m picking this as a starting point? The brilliant Takaya Kagami-Sensei wrote it.

As an avid reader of Kagami-Sensei’s works, I was delighted when I found out this was getting an anime adaptation.

Similar to how Legend of Legendary Heroes ended up, I doubt this series will nab a second season. (Shame most anime fans these days can’t recognize golden stories).

As for the adaptation itself, I enjoyed the original work much more and felt that the story rushed itself (most likely to meet the expected 13 episode deadline). I’m not sure if I’ll continue to blog about this show, but I’ll most definitely be watching it.

Possible SPOILERS***

Just Taito’s luck that he’s the first human able to see the crying vampire girl.

Sometimes I wish childhood memories were all as good as they are portrayed in anime (and fiction in general).

I mean how many of us can say we had a childhood love interest that followed through to adulthood? Not many.

The childhood friend is such a popular character type in dating sims mainly because it’s something many males wish for, but don’t have.

The idea of a girl that’s loved you since your childhood days and hasn’t waned from such feelings even with all your faults that appear through and after puberty is very romantic.

Very romantic and I’d also like to say “pure.”

Most boys dream of a moment like this.