It’s finally over (For now). The multi-Billion dollar INDUSTRY has finally spasmed out their final movie. It’s a sad fact that so much money was concentrated in this one IP, rather than spread out over all the other worthy, yet under-appreciated Ips. It’s sad that it’s major rival is more or less Twilight.

About the movie:

It wasn’t all it could be. The first half was VERY good. The ending in the first half (FH) was solid, as was the FH’s plot and character developemnt. Something the Second Half (SH) couldn’t compete against. Also, despite their necessary need to separate the halves, it weakens the SH because the FH was the set up. ALL the set up. You can’t just drop a book for half to a full year and then have the same emotions as when you did when you put it down.

But really, that’s a minor tiff, wot. Plot centric books, such as the last Harry Potter books, where the TRUE climax and proper denouement occurs,  require a hard, continuous, read through. Another example is the Redwall series or the Series of Unfortunate Events. Both have books (Redwall is ‘individual’ SoUE is a ‘series’) that cannot be dropped for too long. You lose the impact. Redwall has ‘Martin the Warrior’, you can’t just drop it after Felldoh dies to Badrang’s horde! Or the series of Unfortunate events. The last book will not make sense if you can’t read it through. You can’t keep track properly otherwise.

This is the weakness of SH, it cannot be as exciting because:

1. it’s drawn out. I haven’t read the books, I must admit, but the pacing had to be good for the sheer amount of popularity. There’s a reason why few people like the Silmarillion, it’s badly paced, well-written otherwise, but badly paced. It has all the battles, wizards, orcs, elves and so on that LoTR has, but none of the pacing. I don’t think I need to spell it out any more.

2. More important things, like Snape’s governance of Hogwarts, which should have  been better explained  in the second movie, was not explained. Plot points that were important in FH and would have carried over to SH if it were one book, but it’s just confusing now.

3. There should have been a better recap. This is self-explanatory.

4. What happened to XXXXX? Who Died? one of the Weasely twins and one girl we should care about (?). I didn’t read the book. If you make a movie, you have to make me care about the deaths without wasting too much time. Sure it’s the power trio HP RW and HG, but the other characters were why they got there. Not that I’m saying that they should have gotten half-an-hour of screentime each, I didn’t even know most of their names, the movie didn’t mention them once!

5. Battle scenes are too long, while the character development is too short. It looked cool, sure, but the FH  was chock full of both. There was a drama there, Beatrix Lestrange is a CHARACTER as is Doby (or however you spell that elf’s name). Their brief, but powerful conflict of wills was what made that scene great. It wasn’t the clash or wands or the pyrotechnics, it’s the characters doing what they did best. There was very little of that in SH. It may be the greatest weakness there.

Final Thoughts.

SH was a decent  movie overall. It wasn’t a bad movie. It just could not compare to the FH. SH was important, sure. Voldemort’s dead (woo! he was a great villain!), but that last scene was in no way as dramatic as Dobby’s death. I think that this, more than anything else, summarizes the weakness of Harry Potter and the Final Movie.