Nay, I am the world. The world inside the gourd.

From the writer of Asura Cryin, Gakuto Mikumo, comes another anime adaptation of another one of his light novel series. The premise basically consists of boy is granted access to demon library in order to destroy/capture other demon books, using books from said library. A very simple concept, which takes place in a post-WWI England.

Now I do enjoy the light novel, but I have to warn those that this may become one of those “monster of the week” type of shows, so there’s fair warning to all of you. Otherwise, I’m enjoying this adaptation, the VA chosen for Huey and Dalian fit very much to what I imagined and the type of op they went for is very unusual for most animes.

To relate this show to any other recent show, I would say it is very close to Gosick in plot (every episode being some kind of mystery (what demon book could it be?)) and setting (England).

I really did enjoy the first two episodes, but I can see many people being turned off by the references to demons, occult, and the weekly mission formula.

Overall, while watching the show my main thoughts drifted to why I watch anime.

As a buddy of mine (BW) mentioned recently, “I think I’m growing out of anime.”

I don’t think that’s quite my same thought pattern, but I did wonder.

However I often forget, it’s the stories, unique and interesting as they are that keep me here.

To be a bit philosophical, “Every story is like a window into it’s writer’s soul.”

Inside of all of us I’m sure there is a story, a world.

As long as stories exist, I’m sure there will be anime based upon them, and I will be here, watching.