So begins my first Sci-Fi anime of the season, I am trying to do as many as I can but with work and other projects lining up all the time, I can only promise at least one post a week.

I’m hoping my “comeback” to this blog will bring back more of my fellow bloggers from the first start, but for now you’re mainly stuck with me. My last post, where I briefly touched on “Why I watch anime,” became a surprise hit. I recieved multiple emails from many bloggers and readers about it. So I’m hoping maybe I can stir up another wonderful topic sooner or later.

No.6 is a rather typical sci-fi anime, its general plot line goes a bit like this: “Boy living in perfect utopian-ish city rescues an injured boy that escaped some facility, eventually leading the boy to find out that the city isn’t so perfect and that everyone will eventually die by some experiment the city is doing.”

Did I ever mention that naive main characters are one of my biggest per peeves?

I understand the feeling of wanting to save everyone, but that kind of thinking is unrealistic.

Though this makes me sound like an anti-hero, I always think that these types of protagonists should save who they can/want to, instead of the whole “everyone approach.”

Overall I liked the way that the showed played out, except for how he seemed to get a bit too attached to Nezumi. Though I’m not sure if this series can be recommended based on what happened in these first four episodes, too many questions are raised and not enough answered, there’s a bigger plot line here and you manage to sit through to the end I’m sure it’ll be rewarding. I really enjoyed the char designs and the op and ed. With the op giving me a vocaloid vibe.



I had a few thoughts during this anime, but for now my most prevalent is the music. when the ED played I began to think about the current state of the US industry. If only anime or short dramas were more popular here, then novice singers could get their start doing op and ed songs for shows. It seems in the US only known bands get those gigs, because the shows themselves last so long and have such enticing budgets. What if there were many smaller, shorter shows, with shorter budgets. These shows would be forced to compose their own or hire novice or amateur singers to do their songs., allowing more people to put their foot in the door.

Think about that for a moment.