Idolm@ster… Oh Idolm@ster, now where to start with you…

Based off of the Xbox 360 Idol management/music/dance game that came out a few years ago, we now have a more “faithful” anime adaptation. I say that because a few years ago sunrise tried to adapt this series into an anime with an original mech-story, the result was Xenoglossia. I’m not exactly sure how well it did, but judging by the fan reaction, at the time, not very well.

Well in this adaptation, I will first off admit that this is my guilty pleasure show of the season. I can justify Yuruyuri and such shows for the comedy or other aspects, but this show, I’m watching for the girls. Now take that as you will, but everything from the voice actresses to the on-screen interactions is carefully done. My take on it is that they didn’t want another disaster like Xenoglossia.

So how is it? Well, they got it right. Idolm@ster is one of those few shows that I don’t miss every week. I can sit back, relax and just watch the girls go through whatever it is they need to go through that week and come out of it satisfied. The show is relaxing, well paced, and just darn enjoyable to watch.

So my topic for this post. While watching episode 05 this week I was thinking about why there are so many girls in anime. Sure there are guys too and both seem to share equal time as protagonist in various shows, but at the end of the day, the ones doing most of the voices are girls. Guys just don’t have the vast number of VA. Why is it we enjoy watching girls so much?

My first thought was the obvious answer most people give: most anime fans are guys. Now that may be true, but why is it in anime that we elevate females to such a higher level. It’s not all for the fan service, but perhaps the audience can relate more to a female lead as they are typically seen as being weaker in some way.

Even in my writings, I’ve noticed that most of my characters are female. Why is that? I wondered. Perhaps a complex inside of me, knowing that these girls I’m writing about are truly “my girls.”

In real life, I’ve noticed, such possessive words are also used to describe the female in a relationship.

So is this obsession with females in anime a social status thing, complex, or just catering to the male populace. Perhaps there is something more to it and I’d like to believe there is.

For now I don’t know.