So I guess I’ll begin this weekend’s postings about the first of two series I managed to marathon this weekend. White Album was one of those series that fell under the radar for me. It had all the makings of a perfect series for me (my favorite seiyuu is Nana Mizuki after all and I do like the character designs/music), but for some reason I didn’t stick with it. Well after all these seasons, I saw the blu-ray rips and decided to start watching, I didn’t stop.

Its so rare these days for a good “music-based” anime to show up, it seems like since Full Moon, I haven’t had as high an appreciation for any other “music-based” anime (at least none on the top of my head). I think overall White Album manages to be in my list of “liked” anime, but because of several key things, it will never be in my favorites.

My main gripe is (spoiler!)                         that the studio went with a harem end. What I mean is they alluded to the main guy ending with multiple girls instead of just one. I didn’t like the main girl anyways and wish they would’ve pulled something like Shuffle! (the main guy ending with everyone’s favorite girl).

Otherwise the pacing seemed abyssal at times (most likely due to it being 26 episodes) and the guy kept sleeping around with the WRONG girls. Overall a good series, but I wouldn’t recommend to most people.

So my thought revolves around the idea of an “Everyday Goddesss.” The idea stems from the thought that the first girl that helps you in a day(except for family) is your Goddess of the Day and she continues to give you good luck throughout the day. I don’t believe in the idea myself, but I think it’s an interesting concept and very romantic, if not loose.