Well happy new year and so on, I’m working on a 2011 wrap up post that should be finished within the next week or so, so look forward to that. For now I managed to catch the first episodes of two anticipated series for this season. The Spring 2012 season is rather lackluster imo, other than Nisemonogatari and the Black Rock Shooter anime, I can’t think of another series that is “guaranteed” to be good.

Starting off with Nisemonogatari, I will note that I was a fan of its predecessor Bakemonogatari. Nise has a rather slow start, but as anyone that has watched Bakemonogatari can relate, most of the show is talking anyways. As for first impressions, the episode didn’t really wow (tbh Bake’ didn’t have many “wow” moments either) me, but it did feel like another episode of Bakemonogatari, which is good in a wau, because it feels like an extension of the first season and not a new season.

This also means that infamous Shaft artistry is apparent throughout the entire episode. Music wise, the op isn’t very memorable (at this point) and the ED isn’t available until next week. The episode mainly focused on Koyomi and Mayoi, with slightly less bits on Tsukihi and Hitagi. I’m hoping for Karen and Kanbaru to make an appearance next week and I was also quite disappointed that none of the girls showed their new hairstyles that were previewed in the pv. All in all, not an amazing or lackluster start, just average and expected of a Bakemongatari sequel made by Shaft. I’m a fan so I’ll watch this and I love all of the girls, but I doubt this will make my top 3 list at the end of the year. (Bake, as great as it is, is very hard to rewatch as a series nevermind the sequel)

The other anime I managed to catch was Moretsu Pirates. This was one of those that interested me, but I didn’t expect much otherwise. This show really reminded me of the anime I watched in the late 90s and early 2000s, mainly because of the character designs. Otherwise the backdrops and animation in general are rather modern. Story-wise, they didn’t really delve THAT much into the whole pirate inheritance thing, but I suspect we will see plenty of that in the upcoming episode(s), though I did like the subtle futuristic technologies they incorporated in the setting. The op wasn’t very impressive and I’ll say that I really disliked it (music wise, video was typical anime flair). The anime gave off a very light hearted feel and I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I feel that this may be one of my favorites of the season just because of how easy and relaxing it was to watch. Overall quite impressed and surprised with this one.