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‘My First Impression of Outlaw Star.

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I feel that I should say something, it being the new year and all.

Anime-wise, I have a hard time remembering what I’ve seen. While there were certainly things I enjoyed, very little of it will I say that I truly found MEMORABLE. The best things should be remembered, right?

One of the major problems is that I spent a great deal of my time away and in the Ozarks. It was a decent job, keeping up the lands of a condominium owner. I spent it more or less in solitude. I could not download new anime, nor could I properly spend time watching many things due to a lack of interest. This isn’t new to me. I do not feel I should slog through entertainment. It is a literal travesty to be forced to enjoy anything. I don’t want to spend time with things that I find unpleasant, anyway. I find that multiple things are needed to keep me entertained properly, not in the multitask sense, just in the variety sense.

Lets begin

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Contrary to my thoughts from the last post, the next series I caught was not Amagami SS+, but instead Brave 10. I went into this one not knowing much, but was mainly interested because NISA licensed it for USA release before it aired (risky gamble much?).

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