‘My First Impression of Outlaw Star.

Outlaw Star is a science fiction set in the future. I feel that it has two great main themes. Growth and Dreams.

The first four episodes are about Gene (the man in the picture), Jim (the smart kid) and Melfina (A clone/genetically engineered human who acts as a bridge for the AI, Gillam). Gene and Jim live in an uninteresting planet where they have carved a niche for themselves doing odd-jobs. Hilda hires them for protection.

Hilda is an outlaw, one of the three great powers of the world, the government space navies and pirates making up the other two, and in possession of Melfina, a mysterious waif who is important. After Gene is able to fight off the pirates, they leave for Horus, Hilda’s ship/AI and go towards a space station. There, they make some enemies and go to the Outlaw Star. The Outlaw Star is a powerful grappler ship built with the ‘brains of the pirates and the technology of the Space Navy’.

Hilda sacrifices herself (I was sort of expecting, but not of that way) and the Outlaw Star escapes the Tao Pirates. Gene names the ship, the OUTLAW STAR and heads out into space.

It was a great beginning for the anime. I said there were two proper themes for the first four episodes, and they are DREAMS and GROWTH. Both are connected to the main character, Gene Starwind.

Gene is a punk. He fights fast, lives fast and likes loose women. He’s using it as a cover, as he has terrible self-esteem and belief in himself concerning what he truly wants, to travel space. He’s constantly being contrasted as being confident in fights, but a ‘space cherry’. His tardiness at accepting the travels of space come from his father being killed during a space expedition by the villain MacDougal. He is understandably gunshy. He is, however, a natural hero. One of those who are able to push pass themselves when they need to and do the hero deed. This is Growth, as he begins to separate what happened to him and his father and what happened now.

His dreams are the second part of the character. Gene has a great deal of dreams for a guy like him. He wants to go to space, but his experiences hold him back. He wants to find love, but is unable to get past a woman’s body. It’s early in the show, but I’m sure that he will have a great HERO’S JOURNEY ahead of him, that will grow him as a character and turn the boy into a man.

Great show, I’d recommend it to any fan of the space opera genre