I feel that I should say something, it being the new year and all.

Anime-wise, I have a hard time remembering what I’ve seen. While there were certainly things I enjoyed, very little of it will I say that I truly found MEMORABLE. The best things should be remembered, right?

One of the major problems is that I spent a great deal of my time away and in the Ozarks. It was a decent job, keeping up the lands of a condominium owner. I spent it more or less in solitude. I could not download new anime, nor could I properly spend time watching many things due to a lack of interest. This isn’t new to me. I do not feel I should slog through entertainment. It is a literal travesty to be forced to enjoy anything. I don’t want to spend time with things that I find unpleasant, anyway. I find that multiple things are needed to keep me entertained properly, not in the multitask sense, just in the variety sense.

Lets begin

First off, let me say that I am forever indebted to Ash. He is the reason that I am this far into the Internet, Anime, Manga and so much more. That is all I’ll say right now.

Next, lets talk about what I enjoyed.

First, the most memorable thing I watched, is Madoka. I must admit to never finishing it, but the loss of Mami’s Head threw me for a 180.

Second, [C] money of Soul and Possibility Control, I loved the idea and it made me think. I thought the ending could have used some work, but otherwise…

Thirdly, I have no Friends (I refuse the Japanese title, English works just fine)

I have not finished the first or third, and I shall talk about them for a moment.

Madoka was one of the first shows that made me realize that I had a hunger for serious, cutesy things. I wonder that if I had not seen Madoka, and realized that the Cutesy stuff that are outside such great works as Clannad or Kanon are also acceptable, I may not have gotten into Pony. But that is a story for later. It was also the SURPRISE that got me in the first place, that they would kill a character like that. This made it memorable.

C was something that was sci-fi, very interesting and rather unique. That money of soul could determine how high one could advance? Interesting idea, reminiscent of Bakuman’s One Hundred Millionth story idea. It is early and unimportant. Also, I thought that the ‘greater good’ ideals of one of the characters was both interesting and rather telling, as at first he seemed to be doing it for it’s own sake. Characters and ideas made this memorable.

I have no Friends was hilarious. I don’t need a better explanation.

Manga wise, I don’t particularly go by ‘year’. Not my style. I go by what I have read THIS year.

First off is Bride’s Story. It’s good, detailed, well rounded and fills a warm place in my heart. I like the clear style and lack of shoujo elements. I also can agree with the nobleness of some of the characters as well as the evil of others. Part of the charm is that the story gives off a ‘world moves elsewhere’ vibe to everything and the characters aren’t too important to the world, just the story. It’s a lovely story.

Next is Shingeki No Kyojin. This is a fairly out-the-way manga that is usually translated by the volume, interestingly enough. Man-eating giants have taken over the earth, and there is only one city left to fight them. The giants have invaded, but one of the humans, the main male character, was given power by his father, that at certain points, he can turn into a giant and fight. It’s dramatic and often focuses on the struggles of the soldiers and what nightmares they must face.

Lastly Iris Zero. A manga about a boy without powers in a world full of those with Eye Powers. (especially young people, relatively new mutation). Due to the discrimination he faces, he stays alone, but is dragged into helping the Class president as he is the only sane enough man to do so.

I know this seems lacklustre, but I don’t really want to talk about things like the past in this manner. I hope, though, that people who read this, have ideas that they will follow.

I hope that the new year is just as good as the old.