Contrary to my thoughts from the last post, the next series I caught was not Amagami SS+, but instead Brave 10. I went into this one not knowing much, but was mainly interested because NISA licensed it for USA release before it aired (risky gamble much?).

Well I will start off with the music, the op and ed are nothing too special and honestly the ed sounds like amateur auto-tune.

The story itself sounds like your typical bishounen flair (angelique / hakkouki anyone), one girl helps to unite a bunch of people (mostly handsome guys) to stop an evil threat, oh and she has a special power too. Admittedly I wasn’t too excited for this release, but TMS has done a few series that I really enjoyed (mainly Aishiteruze Baby and D. Gray Man).¬† Upon watching the show I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the show does follow the typical character pattern, weak girl (physically) and strong guy, with a poisonous tongue meet and end up in a group together.

The guy says mean things hoping to get the girl mad at him, but is also very protective of her. The girl, of course, sees through it all.

I’m really liking the pairing around this time, as opposed to Hakkouki, where the girl tried to like every guy, from the get go Isanami (Satou Rina) is already focused on the main guy, Saizo (Ono Daisuke) and from their interactions in the episode, I find it hard that she could fall for any of the others. Storywise, Isanami possesses some power that could rule the world, so all these ninja clans are after her, after escaping from the shrine (where everyone she knew was murdered), she stumbles upon a Ronin named Saizo and she bribes him with food into helping her (okay, he gets attacked too, but he stays for the food). Her mentors last request was for her to find Sanada Yukimura, who we find out is trying to gather the ten strongest warriors (i.e. the Brave 10). Luckily from the previews and promotional material, all ten of the “Brave 10” are not male, and I really appreciate that as Hakkouki liked to alienate male viewers.

I didn’t expect much out of this show (actually started watching it on accident after a miss-click but I’m glad I did) and I assumed it would be another Hakkouki (which has its own charms mind you). But at this point, the first episode was rather strong and I have high hopes for the rest of the series. My main one being that Isanami X Saizo pairing is correct and goes somewhere.

This could be this season’s sleeper hit.