I know I said that I would talk about Machiavelli today, but I think that it is more important for me to finish my Series on Kingship before moving on to the Prince.

The King is one of the most important figure/types in our history. No other character can have such an effect on the masses, the nations and the legacies of humanity, as the King. Let’s begin our look at the Narcissist King.

Fate Zero is the story of the fourth Summoner War. The combatants are about 14 in number, plus however many Assassin is. The large number of characters is beyond me to properly describe, so I will just talk about my three favorite characters. Rider, Archer and Saber, though not in this order. The three are ancient great kings, Alexander the Great (Iskander), Gilgemesh, King of Uruk and  Arthur (Arturia), The Once and Future King. They each have a different philosophy on Kingship.

They may be each summed up in three terms: The Conqueror King, The Narcissist King and the Paladin King. Each are important styles of kinship that really have had happened in history. Part of the genius of the story is that these characters are all larger than life. Saber (Arturia) has such a sense of honor as to be, as Iskander states that in life, she must have been a ‘saintly king’. Gilgemesh only cares about ‘entertainment’. He is only in the war to ‘keep what is already his’, the Holy Grail, the object of the contest. Iskander is in the Holy Grail war to achieve mortal form without a need for mana. Then, he plans on returning to Greece in triumph.

In episode 11, Iskander calls a ‘banquet’ for the members of the Holy Grail War. He means to figure out who is strongest among them via a discussion of ideals. He feels that because the Holy Grail War is about supremacy, they can figure it out via an exchange of their philosophies on Kingship. Yesterday, I talked about the Conqueror King, today I shall talk about the Narcissist King, and likely the most powerful character there, Archer: Gilgemesh.

Alright you mongrel! I smell a drop of royal blood in you, but it is inferior in every way! I’m two thirds god, and you are 100% human! You are not worthy of talking about me!

Gilgemesh! King of Kings! What are you doing here!”

All things are mine, dog! This blog is part of my wealth, and as such, I have the right to write about me! WHY ARE YOU NOT LAUGHING AT MY PUN!

Ha ha ha! Please don’t hurt me sir!”

Acting as a dog should! Now be quiet and stay in awe as Gilgemesh talks about the NARCISSIST KING!

Yes sir! Thank you sir.”

Listen you mongrels! The duties of the King is to be the best! All others must bow down to him. To think of rebellion is itself rebellion. I am the most important thing in my kingdom. All it’s treasure, and by extension, the world’s treasure is mine. My people bow in the streets and worship their king. They are as loyal to me as dogs.

A king has his duties too! Do not forget that, other than the maidens I must deflower and taxes to collect, I must go to war. All peoples of this world should be part of my kingdom. I am no conqueror, like that Iskander, who conquers like a baby, flailing about in a fit. Nor am I like the Paladin King, who fights wars to protect his ideas. I fight wars to dominate them, body and soul. They will see a statue of me in every square! All the children will learn songs in praise of me!

Also, the Narcissist King must keep up appearances. He must pay for art that deifies him. He must commission armors and weapons that he deigns to wear. His chariot must be as radiant as the sun. His horses must be the best in the kingdom. Lions must be killed at least once a year in one on lion combat. There must be a zoo, filled with animals caught by the mutts who worship you.

I must claim some shame by claiming a similar ideal to Iskander. Like that conquering dog I must also be larger than life. Though are methods are different, the ideas are the same. My people expect me to act like a god. I AM a god, but unlike those rats who call themselves ‘Pharoah’ and claim divinity, I do not give in to base desires. The law allows me children from the newly married brides of the kingdom. The seed of the gods is never without offspring, and the same is true for a two-thirds god!

The laws of the King must glorify him, be absolute but the people must not be oppressed outside their lavish worship of me. It’s important that the people have reason to prosper and do not resent their god king, so that their worship is genuine! In a way, the Narcissist King is one of the many balances between the Paladin King and the Conqueror king. One who has strong justice, but is ruled by them, and the one who conquers to conquer, but allows those who come behind to set the laws.

I have finished, dog. My last words shall be about my Ultimate attack, Gate of Babylon. It is the storehouse of my wealth! It grows with every passing year. All things on my earth can be traced from here, and it’s value has passed my knowledge. It is a true dragon’s horde! Now bow mongrel, and behold its glory!