I am so GAR for Tomatsu Haruka right now.

The next show I managed to catch was actually not Ano Natsu (it was Another, which by the speed of this post, didn’t exactly make me wanna go out and blog about it, but I will later).

Ano Natsu is actually the newest production from screenwriter Kuroda Yousuke and producer Ogura Mitsutoshi, who incidentally both worked on Please Teacher and Please Twins series almost a decade ago (to set the record, I’m a bigger fan of Teacher than I am of Twins). The animation style is similar to those series because Taraku Uon’s character designs are prevalent in all three. The anime gives off a very Please Teacher/Twins feel to it as(the episode actually plays out sorta like how Please Teacher does) and the hint of nostalgia is very refreshing for me, as I had actually watched both series years ago.

Video and music wise, I enjoyed the OP and ED of the series, though it’s to be seen if they are forgettable (contrary to my earlier impressions, the Nisemonogatari Op has grown on me).

Don’t really want to delve too much into the story of the show (lets be honest if you wanna know the summary of a show, google it) , but Tomatsu Haruka as the main girl Ichika had me entranced. I’m always enamored by her voice and behind Mizuki Nana, she may very well be my 2nd favorite Voice Actress.  Tamura Yukari also does a fine job playing Lemon, but her voice doesn’t seem to sound much different than her Suzuha voice from Steins;Gate (that’s not really an issue, but an observation, I liked Yukarin’s voice as it is).

Even though the premise seems reused from Please Teacher (to a degree) the fun and lighthearted interactions of the characters seem like the main draw (it IS labeled as rom-com after-all). The main hero, Kaito is very typical quiet boy, but his delusions, which he mistakes as reality seem to be his main quirk. Ichika takes the role of the ditzy heroine, always trying to act normal while not attracting attention, but ends up doing the abnormal and the center of attention, wacky hijinks ensue.  The whole Ichika is an alien thing was expected, though having their kiss revealed at the end was somewhat surprising.

Overall, it is what I was expecting and more, the characters fill all of the tropes that the original Please Teacher/Twins cast seemed to have and the modernized “retelling” is a fun watch, consider me hooked for now.