My little sister daughters can’t be this cute!

Also known as Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai!

Hmm, so how to start? Well I liken this series to be similar to my random picks of the last few seasons (I don’t have many friends and My little sister can’t be this cute animes respectively). The name sounds a bit silly, but the plot mainly involves first-year college student that becomes the guardian of three girls his older sister left him with. Plot wise it seem normal and you could assume this series might be a loli-harem fest for the main guy (known as Yuuta), but it turns out that he is actually a somewhat responsible young man (so far anyway, though he is all perverted for Raika-sempai, a female college student), which is a surprising far-cry from most of today’s male leads (Shu anyone?).

Yuuta X Sora end plox.

The three daughters, Sora, Miu, and Hina, all have their own charms. Sora is the oldest and is a Tsundere, she has a sharp tongue, but secretly has a crush on Yuuta (most of the girls will probably end up loving him in their own way). I really like this particular aspect of her, as I am partial to younger females falling in love with older, more mature men, than the reckless youth of their age (this of course is a generalization). I think it would be interesting to end the series (still going 8 volumes in Japan last I heard), with an older Yuuta X Sora end (I can dream).

Miu, the middle sister, and arguably the most popular one out of the three in this fictional world, was actually pretty forgettable for me. I feel that her character needs to develop a bit more before I can really make a final call on her.

Felt this image suited her the best, stupid credits!

Hina, the youngest sister, is the most memorable and is one of the most adorable characters I’ve seen in awhile and is the main character most people will be watching this show for.

I was rather surprised by how much I enjoyed this series, as the two predecessors (Oreimo and Boku wa Tomodachi), both took awhile to really hit Fabulous Max in my books. I felt the animation fit the show’s tone very well and it was generally relaxing and fun to watch. The sisters are the real charm of the story and I regret that this first episode wasn’t an hour long, because their interactions with Yuuta was rather limited. Music wise, the op is a fun listen and the animation really compliments it quite well.

This might very well be my most enjoyable show of the season.