Guilty Crown finally gets good again and it looks like they are gunna pull a Gurren Lagann.

(Warning: Spoilers and rambling aplenty!)

Welcome back to another Freezeframe, its been awhile for this segment, but I felt that this weeks comeback of Guilty Crown marks a good start, especially the ending.

Gai makes a heroic sacrifice this week and most of the loose ends of the series have been tied up, a good ending to this somewhat average series. Oh wait, this is just the halfway mark, so I guess this is the part where Simon Shu decides to man up over a timeskip that is not shown on screen and we can look back to the first thirteen episodes as preparing him to be the true lead of the show.

In all seriousness, I’m liking this turn of events for Guilty Crown, though I’m not sure how if tying up most of the Mana/Gai ends in this episode was really a good idea, what is left besides Daath to clear up? Not much, I can only hope the writers do better on the 2nd half than they did for the first.

The whole Gai and Shu personality reversal was a very interesting revelation. It gives Gai’s character a bit more depth and helps to show¬† that Shu wasn’t always a wuss. I’m hoping that this is foreshadowing of what is to come for timeskip Shu (assuming they DO go that route).

Gai’s sacrifice at the end was also very unexpected and the whole promise to be Mana’s knight that he kept through the years (by becoming stronger to stop her once and for all etc) was a very nice touch. The thing Shu will have to live with now is that he delt the killing blow to BOTH Gai and his Mana (to be fair Mana was already kinda dead and Gai was dying and asking him to do it). I hope that Inori becomes less of an emotionless doll (which I’m glad they explained why she was like that) and learns to properly love/interact with Shu.

The sad thing with Guilty Crown was that it had a bunch of hype, an awesome first episode, and then a slew of lackluster episodes. But often in animes that I find lackluster there are episodes like this one (Kobato last 2 episodes anyone?) that just redeem an anime for me. This was that episode, tons of character development, plot, and drama. With this episode the series has gone back to episode 01 for me and from reactions around the Net, I can see that many fans feel the same way. I hope that the creators are smart enough to capitalize on that and make the remaining episodes worthy of such a redeeming episode (though to be frank there were a few sketchy things in this episode and the fact that Lost Christmas was only slightly touched upon, no surprise since that story is getting its own book).

Welcome back Guilty Crown.