Studying hard, playing hard and growing personally. It’s a hard life, but thank goodness there’s ponies. But I’m not gonna talk about ponies, I’m gonna talk about my new semester.

Perhaps the truest fire of most students is tested in college. They must learn so much, and I cannot take more than a moment’s rest (heh).  But I think I owe it to talk about it a little.

I am a historian, of the school of the great men. I will not attempt to learn everything about the specifics of anything for a while, because I believe that all history should be a historian’s lifeblood. It is important to remember that our entire civilization is built ENTIRELY on the deeds of the past. We forget this. We look at our modernity and be content but without perspective. The perspective to improve ourselves. None of the greatest historians were without perspective.

Machiavelli, himself a great historian, though more of a sociologist, knew why empires and kingdoms fell. His great works, The Prince and the Republic, both, all show masterful control of history. Others, like Tolkien and CS Lewis both knew their history.

History is one of the foundations of knowing your profession. Psychologists cannot understand their profession without knowing the basics of Freud and Jung, after all, they forged the profession. Or Sociology (as I mentioned before) Many of our advances in that field were due to historical occurences, like the mass migration of entire people groups and the Industrial Revolution.

I love history. With enough of a knowledge of history, almost anything can be overcome, learned or understood.