Well, I’ve seen Outlaw Star It was pretty good. An excellent example of a space opera and likely a classic as worthy to be watched as Cowboy Bepop, Baccano or Clannad.

The plot is relatively simple, Gene Starwind and his crew use the OUTLAW STAR to find the Galactic Leyline and figure out what it is. There is a subplot involving Gene, Melfina and the McDougal brothers, who killed Gene’s father, indirectly causing an early fear of space travel. As I said in my ‘First Impressions’ post, the two main themes of the Outlaw Star are Dreams and Growth. I believe that the series stays true to it and is more worthy because of it.

This is the main cast. From left to right: Aisha Clan-Clan, Jim Hawking, Gene Starwind, Melfina, Twilight Suzuka.

Aisha Clan-Clan is the dumb muscle of the group. She’s a proud member of the Ctarl-Ctarl empire, a race of cat Lycanthropes (not proper werewolves, though they share similarities). She’s likely the unluckiest of the group, and her pain is played for laughs. She is strong, though, and is entirely loyal. She’s my favorite character. Despite her ‘adulthood’ in the Ctarl-Ctarl civilization, she’s very immature. However, I think that this is common for all young adult Ctarls, as her minions (that she loses due to her special incompetence), are as enthusiastic as she is, but perhaps just as unintelligent.

Jim Hawking is the smart guy of the group. Son of a hacker who abandoned him. Gene picked him up, and the two have worked together ever since. He knows his way around ships, computers and just about everything else. He’s a little immature, and very fast thinking, but he can’t think deeply. His name is similar to James Hawkins, of Treasure Island fame.

Gene Starwind is the main character. He is brash, headstrong and very dangerous. Likely, due to his fierceness and cunning in combat, he is the second most powerful fighter, next to Twilight Suzuka. (Aisha being a strong, but not smart fighter). It is important to realize that he is the ‘dreamer’ of this operation, and despite others being the brains. He is also the leader and pilot of the Outlaw Star, being an excellent grappler ship battler. In the end, his dream of the Galactic Leyline is realized, but not his dream of revenge. He slowly drops ‘boyhood’ playfulness and moves on from playing around to focusing on Melfina.

Melfina is a bio-android and the catalyst for operating the Outlaw Star and being the key to the Galactic Leyline, she was made by the Good Doctor Kahn, She does not know this, and it causes her a bit of angst about it. She gets her answers at the end with the revelations that the Galactic Leyline. She becomes a romantic interest for the playboy Gene. She is a flat character, but it’s more that her depth is uncomplex, making her a good character. An excellent contrast to Gene Starwind.

Twilight’ Suzuka, she’s the last to be introduced and likely the strongest of the fighters. She’s fairly aloof towards Gene and the Gang (Aisha isn’t a favorite, for her ‘Suzu’ nickname). She’s an assassin first after the benefactor of the Outlaw Star: Fred Luo. Gene causes her to join him by ruining her undefeated streak. She begins to care about her friends, though she doesn’t show it very well.


The villains were as well developed as the heroes, though of course, without all the screen time. All three have their own motivations, quirks and powers. I think that the measure of heroes comes in two flavors: their goals and their antagonists.

Hazanko: a very powerful tao master and serves as the ‘Big Bad’ of the series. He is after the Galactic Leyline, where he hopes to take enough power to overthrow the Tendo King and Emperor. Because he’s ridiculously powerful, it is likely the Tendo duo are near demigod in power. Thankfully, they are never seen.

The McDougal Brothers: The pair responsible for Gene’s Fathers death. Ron and Harry are the most mercenary of all the characters. They often do anything for money, and are a little crazy themselves. Ron is very level headed, if bloodthirsty. He has a good relation with his brother and often goes out of his way to protect him. Harry is more crazy, but he calms down as the series progresses. He goes from ‘full human’ to a state similar to Melfina. Besides calming him, it also causes him to fall in love with her, and is much more open about it than Gene is about his feelings. This, however, disturbs her, and causes her to push away from him.


Gene Starwind and Jim Hawkins are hired by Hilda to help her with a job. The job is to pick up a box containing ‘Melfina’ who is described elsewhere. Hilda and Co go to Hey-fong, a space-station, indirectly causing Aisha’s fall from grace in the empire. The three go to a lone star, where the Outlaw Star is hidden, though they are pursued by Tao Pirates from Hazanko’s pirate group. In escaping, Hilda is killed and Gene assumes control of the ship.

After adventures, they acquire Aisha and Suzuka. They search and find the Galactic Leyline, where adventures happen that I won’t spoil you about. HO HO HO. The series is worth watching, though, and I hope that all the readers of this blog decide to watch it.


A good series, good characters, solid plot and superb space battles. The Art was consistent and worthy of an anime of its scope. The comedy was light hearted and the action well paced. Perhaps it doesn’t have the OOMPH that other shows I’ve seen, but still very good.

I feel that the growth of the characters attracted me. Much like Mass effect 2’s loyalty missions, as the characters interacted and solved various problems for each other, they grew closer. Eventually they got to the point where Aisha was more than willing to sacrifice herself for Jim when fighting on of Hanzaku’s minions. She, of course, survived, but it was still very touching to see how she had come, in the Ctarl-Ctarl way, to be affectionate to the other members of the crew. Suzuki is a similar example. Once quite cold and aloof, she begins to spend time with them and even enjoy a few of the jokes with a small smile.

I also found the universe well developed. There were distinct factions, each with their own goals and desires. The music was well chosen. There was just enough fanservice, the balance between being unusual and being far too much. The English dub was very well done.

The opening:

Very good, shows all the characters and some villains without being excessive. You get a feel of the show from it.

Nice sounding, the pictures give a good looksee. The music gives a good feeling of ending to an episode.

Final Word:

A show for the sci-fi lover who likes a good tale. It is to be watched sequentially, and over a period of time, like a week.